Where We're Measuring GIC

eurisgic.org provides access to GIC and magnetic recordings from stations located at North-West Russia and Finland.

The Fininsh part includes three 440kV transformer stations of the Finnish high-voltage power grid: Pirttikoski, Rauma, Yllikkälä, and one compressor station of the natural gas pipeline network (Mäntsälä).

Magnetic records provided by IMAGE from two magnetometer stations: Mekrijärvi and Ivalo.

The Russian part includes four 330 kV transformer stations of the Russian power grid (Vykhodnoy, Revda, Titan, Loukhi and Kondopoga).

Finnish Meteorological Institute acknowledges Fingrid Oyj and Gasum Oy for a long-term interest and support to GIC studies

Polar Geophysical Institute acknowledges Centre for Physical and Technological Problems of Energy in Northern Areas for development and production of measuring equipment, Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System and IDGC of the North-West for a support to GIC studies at the North-West of Russia.

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